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Jericoacoara Brazil

My Digital Dilemma

Thinking about what people see when they land on this blog, I was struck by the difference between my travelling posts and social media posts. And I came to thinking that this in some way represents the polar ends of my personality – at one extreme, my love for living in one of the world’s … Continue reading

Costa Rica - Nicaragua border

Nicaragua in Pictures

After Panama City, where we spent only one night, and a brief stay in Bocas del Toro (which was flooded with rain and had little to offer under the circumstances except raucous parties), we hot-footed it through Costa Rica (again stopping over for just a night) to Nicaragua. This was to be one of my … Continue reading

what is social media

What Exactly do you Do?

I am often asked what I do for a living (most people are, of course). But the answer I give somehow never seems to suffice. The reaction varies from total confusion to an enthusiastic ‘smile and nod’ behind a not-very-cleverly-masked blank stare. While I’ve near given up on explaining the concept of social media marketing … Continue reading

San Blas, Panama

Finding Paradise in Colombia and Panama

After Mancora, Peru, I travelled through Ecuador quickly, only stopping in one place for any real length of time (Baños). Although the country has so much to offer I was time-poor and had to prioritise, so decided to hot-foot it to Colombia’s Caribbean coast. (As I mentioned in my last post, I had 2,500 miles … Continue reading

Viva el Peru, Cusco

Peru in Pictures

From Brazil to Argentina to Chile to Bolivia, Peru was to be my fifth country of the trip. Leaving Copacabana (Lake Titicaca), my travelling friends and I bussed it north to Cusco, where we stayed about a week. Cusco is truly a beautiful city – definitely the most picturesque and architecturally interesting I visited on the trip (or … Continue reading

Lake Titicaca

The journey to Cusco

From San Pedro de Atacama I travelled by bus to Arica at the north-western tip of Chile, near the Peruvian border. Finding the coastal city pretty charmless I only spent 24 hours there before getting another bus back across the Bolivian border heading north-east to La Paz. This particular bus journey was quite memorable for … Continue reading

San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama

After a few weeks in Bolivia, experiencing some incredible landscapes in Sucre and the Salar de Uyuni, my Dutch friends and I parted ways at the end of our three day Uyuni tour. They took the jeep straight back to Uyuni from where they bussed it north to La Paz, whereas I switched transport at … Continue reading

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Olivia in Bolivia

After an incredible time in Brazil (characterized mostly by beach life) and then in Buenos Aires (“learning Spanish”), I headed to Bolivia, flying first to Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The city itself didn’t have too much to offer – although there are some good restaurants. An exciting thing did happen though: on my first morning, waking … Continue reading

We heart Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires in Pictures

When I flew to Rio de Janeiro on 1st March this year, I had pretty much no plan for the next six months. All I knew was that I would spend six weeks in Brazil, then head to Argentina as I had a Spanish course booked from 16th April in Buenos Aires. My flight home … Continue reading

Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil in Pictures

If you know me, or follow me on Twitter, you are probably aware that I recently got back from a 6-month trip travelling through South and Central America. Six months of fun, sun, amazing people, places and experiences – starting in Brazil and ending in Mexico. (Lucky me, I know.) Now this isn’t a travel … Continue reading


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